(Karen Act) Make Esteban Leader or give all high VP Whales a portion of the Revenue on top of DAO… here me out lol

So @SeanEllul and @eordano just took over Decentraland DAO and nuked @kevinonearth999 latest proposal to send a message.Here are the pros and cons:


1. Everyone just got reminded that the current VP process is not and never was the majority vote it is the highest VP vote and whales will always get final say unless this process changes which will never happens since the ones with the most VP have to vote that in and there is no incentive for them to do so. In fact it is the opposite lol. 

2. Taking away the grants feature until “a decision is made” can be used as leverage now which is why this is being pitched before “a decision.” All incentive will be motivation for now for everyone to agree with whatever the whales say which will result into mass over compromise.

3. People have been but now are over incentivized on commenting and voting on what whales want even this proposal on turning off the grants since in hopes it could lead to a fairy god mother whale vote from them in the future that can pass something they want.

4. KevinOnEarth is an OG and I have attended his events even when I could count how many people were live in Decentraland on two hands. Couple in the Casion before the Pepe Dealer Days and a couple in Wondermine. Going to his events was cool because he was treating our small and silly world serious enough to cover it like a news network would. Which also inspired me to cover it the same but in my way with Waifumon parody art. Which resulted in the first Waifumon ever made based on the robot dealers in the casino before the Pepe Dealers. Now we have over 100,000+ Waifumon NFT owners it wild how much time as gone by. So, to me I understand Kevin’s frustration on trying to get any funding (less then minimum wage) so he can continue to grow this as a full-time living as he has even worked for free for so many years. Yes, I may disagree with some his methods of “debating” many of you, which gets some of you mad, but in the end, I think we all of us are fighting for the same the future of Decentraland which to me is confusing in itself lol so it is wild. So, to wrap this mini rant up why I think it sucks that Kevin’s 4th attempt on this grant got nuked by them, I got faith that even this may look like it is sending a message by crucifying one of DCL’s OG’s I think they even in there master plan they got a plan on still potentially pushing on funding some of Kevin’s ventures in the future on their terms and he will be resurrected just like Jesus himself come 2023 I saying it here first lol which leads me to my Pros…


  • There is no direction or leaders incentivized to keep the company/community Decentraland growing and this may result in them becoming our leaders, which may sound scary to some but could turn into a good thing here is why: The current ecosystem is to only focus on small grants that don’t do much to “give everyone a chance.” Millions of case studies we all can think of on this but two I will use is JTV and I (because I am selfish lol). I have pitched tons of things that did not pass. My latest was to focus on brining in the top NFT collections into Decentraland by linking them all as linked wearable Skins. This would not only bring in hundreds of thousands of users but would also bring in the users we want. Active and the top knowledgeable ones in the space. For those that don’t know my background I launched and still run a marketing company called PromoAffiliates can google it but long story short our biggest success was my first client was Uber when they were just starting out expanding from San Fran to a couple more cities. We helped them grow nationwide to worldwide and the rest is history, and it has been one of the greats and fun accomplishments of my life growing them to a world name brand today. The reason why I am bringing this up other than to brag is that for Uber to grow had to at first A. grow high quality customers that would use it a lot “why focused on limos and luxury cars first” B. then they were down to pay per new user and no limit. It is wild what they did but that is how they became a multi-billion dollar company before IPOing. Imagine me pitching that to Decentraland now lol. It would be successful but does not fit into the $60k grant limit lol. Also, to me the Top NFT collections was the Limo/Luxary car play that worked for Uber and instead of people giving me feedback on what I could change or if I should charge more or less I was met by people like HP DMing whales not to vote on my proposal lol. And again, they would be stupid to disagree with him since he has high VP so if they go against his orders, they may never get a non-vote from him on their future proposals. Yes I said “non” vote HP does not give Yes votes and that is why I respect him too even tho he went against our proposal lol. So yes, the reason for this rant is I love and want to help Decentraland but legit can’t with this model. With Uber and my other clients, we pitch things that focus on helping them as a company grow and get compensated accordingly but when we do this with Decentraland we are met with no constructive feedback or direction. There are no leaders that are also incentivized to also grow the company that we can ask for constructive feedback on that would help pivot our workload pitch as a win for everyone. I have even spent over $10,000+ on wearable creations and I can’t get a written passed rule or reason why some of my wearables won’t get approved it is just based on the persons opinion that are getting paid to approve them lol. Imagine going to Mcdonalds and spending $10,000 in chicken nuggets and the cashier gives you broccoli because they think you are too fat. Yes, this has happened to me IRL lol jk. They would go out of business instantly but yes this is how Decentraland currently runs. Why also think it is wild JTV can’t get a grant for exodus. Yes, some of you just like Kevin may not like the way he goes about things and some of you aka Tobik want him to apologize for god knows what I didn’t know this was elementary school and also Tobik you have not apologized for calling me and Waifumon the end of the human race if you are reading. All this aside I bet if I did the math on all money he has spent on wearable creation fees and time and team payments would be like 4X what he is asking for in his grants. We need leaders that can see this workload spent, activity and encourage it and incentivize its growth. He, like many of us (including you whoever you are reading this) are a bunch of jockeys spending a ton of our personal money and time trying to grow this thing something that someone like Mark Zuck would dream of having on his team and HE PAYS. We got Facebook, Otherside, Sandbox and Rockstar Games, Fortnite, League of Legends spending hundreds of millions and I am not saying we should do the same just because they are. I am saying we need direction we need to as our founder Esteban said, “Time to build.” and with that building we need to diversify in everyone’s ideas but more importantly also double down on those that are working so we can continue to not only be the first but the best for years to come. Which is why I proposing A. We incitiveze high VP holders on a portion of future revenue of Decentraland on top of the DAO  or B. Esteban and Sean should also get compensated on a portion of all Decentraland’s earnings on top of the DAO. If not them then someone since I want to speak to a manager and I will call this the “Karen Act”. Feel free to debate troll or anything below you know me fam before I make it a poll you all know me, I don’t take anything personal except for if you insult my Waifu’s then we have an issue. 

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