Join The Winners Club! Only $9 a Month

Aaron will share a portion of his winnings to you if he wins (see breakdown chart for details) plus all daily Dinosaur or Waifumon NFTs sent to you with no comment participation required however can also participate in commenting to increase earnings! Must email your Ethereum wallet number or ENS to if you would like to receive the NFTs.

Or can join the Patreon at

Only 6 members so far !

Winnings Breakdown Chart

Here is the weekly schedule we buy the numbers for. 5 days a week every week every month. 20 tickets every month in total. Yes it would cost a lot more if you did yourself $40 total and this only $9 a month, so can save a lot doing this or if you are a degenerate like me you can do both as well!

We buy the same numbers every-time to make things easy to remember which are

01 22 42 64 69 – 07

Would love to keep playing until we win the big one or even better we keep playing together even after that too!