Approve AaronLeupp.eth 3 Dino Wearables (1st Place Shoes, 2k Lava Shoes, 404 Pants) it has been it has been 9 months now lol.

Here is more visual examples:


The request to “Pet’s should be on hold till implemented properly” proposal was rejected so the reason why these wearables are being rejected is not even an approved rule it did not even get enough VP votes. Can be seen here: I know Yannakis from the wearable committee is just trying to do his job so def don’t blame him. I just think he is being told from his higher ups he must enforce a bias based on, an subjective opinion rule that is being made up and not based on anything that was passed.

Changing Rejecting these wearables even goes against the whole reason The Founder Vitalik Buterin even created Ethereum in the first place this reason since did not like the fact gate keepers people were changing in game items based on there own personal reasons can be seen here: Vitalik Buterin Created Ethereum Following World of Warcraft Debacle

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