Aaron Leupp

Featured in Forbes, Fox News, Huffpost, Techrunch and more Aaron Leupp and his company PromoAffiliates is most famous for acquiring millions of new users and millions of influencer views for his clients Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, Postmates, DoorDash, Drizly, Shipt, Jet, to even down to helping smaller business like his family owned tuxedo shops.

Growing up as a child Aaron Leupp was famous for getting detention a lot in elementary school for re-selling candy, beef jerky, burritos, donuts, TacoBell hot sauce packets, his drawings and Pokemon cards on campus to his fellow classmates. They said it was because he was out-competing against against the cafeteria and fundraisers. Fast forward to adulthood Moving to LA with just $64 cash in his pocket, Aaron worked his way up form Janitor/Busser to Bartender, to Event Nightlife Promoter to now Founder/CEO of a full stack marketing company PromoAffiliates, all thanks to you guys the clients!

Since the Web 3 revolution Aaron Leupp and his team have now sold thousands of Waifumon NFTs and have over 50,000+ NFT holders and are the 2nd biggest collection in the world with over 150,000 unique NFTs in the collection. They have also helped tons of other teams launch their projects and enter the Metaverse. They also have given out and sold hundreds of Metaverse wearables NFTs in Decentraland and Sandbox to name a few.

They have been using the funds to launch Satoshi.shop/NFT which will be a place for artists and musicians to generate and sell a collection of NFTs with no coding required and any cryptocurrency or even USD fiat using familiar platforms like paypal/venmo like they have with Waifumon. Phase 2. will also be Satoshi.shop/IRL which will be an expansion of the platform for people being able to sell any products like ebay/amazon but for any cryptocurrency of their choosing using NFT technology.

In phase 3 they plan to launch Satoshi.shop/stream which will be a streaming platform like Netflix/Hulu but anyone can upload trailers, pilots and content, and the monthly subscribers get to vote on if they should get or continue to get funded or not. This is instead of the platform choosing for them like the other platforms do. They also plan to release The First Latina Princess 3D feature film in theaters and on this platform since Aaron being a Mexican American feels its finally time they get proper representation in the space. The First Latina Princess and Satoshi.shop/stream will be funded by their sale of 2,000,000 unique Castle Crew NFTs which will be the biggest unique NFT project ever in existence. Also high demand for a male pfp project has been brought up several times by the community so they will also be launching Metakuza NFTs very soon as well which will also be tied into the whole Satoshi.shop project. Most importantly of all Aaron Leupp and his team look forward to what they can help you with next and feel free to follow on any social media for update posts and daily NFT give aways he does across all social media platforms!

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