How much $SIMP Coin you want to buy?

1. Can buy with any cryptocurrency just sent to SatoshiShop.eth and email your transaction and wallet # to send the $SIMP Coins.

2. Can also pay with USD Fait $ with paypal/venmo here below

3. Can also buy smaller or bigger amount just email for details!

(Stable Inflation Management Protocol) aka $SIMP COIN. A stablecoin made to also hedge against inflation by pegged itself to the gold that use to back the USD Fait Dollar $ the Federal Reserve like we did before the Gov took us off the gold standard in 1933. $(Simp)le really.

Updates That May Increase Price Soon

(Live) 2024 printing up to $190.5 Billion more (may be more depending on next update)

(Live) US Democrats Propose Legislation to Eliminate Debt Ceiling after the United States Federal Government surpassed the $31.4 trillion debt ceiling.