A community collection made by the community for the community.  All of the assets will not only be focused on parody references to the entire Web3, Crypto, NFT and most important of all the Decentraland space and community as whole we also will allow the community to pitch to make assets based on their personal ventures, events, communities and games that go in Decentraland as well also have freedom to even draw and submit their own personal contributions to the 3rd collection as well.

MVAC will be 3 Collections in total:

-10,000 ETH Collection – Unique Generative Collection 1st Editions (Sold to community and 100% of sales and royalties will go to Decentraland DAO) $69 each

-69,000 Polygon Collection – Unique Generative Collection Gen-1 Collection (Given FREE to Community) (Will be randomly given out based on several factors 1. Time Spent in Game 2. Decentraland POAPs Collected 3. Decentraland Waifumon Collected 4. NEAT Collected 5. Tweets and other social media posts shared about Decentraland over the years 6. Land Owned 7. $MANA held 8. DAO and Forums Participation Activity 9. Wearable Creations Created 10. Decentraland Names Owned 11. VP for Decentraland owned 12. Decentraland Wearables owned 13. And more based on what the community would like to add!

-420,000 Polygon Collection – Air Dropped to ALL the first 420,000 $MANA Holders (Given FREE to Community) currently only 296,664 Holders.


All of them will be NFTs will be linked as Wearables in Decentraland and potentially also in MetaVS user interface if it passes as well.


We like to give a chance for all members of the community to add their additions to the collection as well as use this as a type of fund raiser to create more revenue opportunities for the Decentraland DAO treasury.


If 10,000 ETH collection sells out $690,000 back to the DAO and 100% of all royalties of all collections will continue to go back into the DAO or a portion of it can be used to host monthly events you guys decide in the comments below!


Aaron Leupp’s Team: Reference and Parody art is our middle name. Waifumon has legit over 1,000+ outfits all based on references in Decentraland, DCL Community, and other Web3 content. With legit the biggest owned parody collection in the world we can’t think of anyone else better to lead it other than us.

Also, YOU the community will also submit your ideas as well as drawings.


All we ask for you guys is to vote YES and say why in the comment or vote NO and in the comments let us know what we can do to pivot to hopefully change to a YES. If not all is good too. This is for the $120k budget. If you prefer the $60k budget for this it will sadly eliminate linking the 69,000 unique Polygon collection in Decentraland but you also can also only vote yes on that here as well.

Vote YES or no and let us know why in this URL !

Link Back to Main Page Here: https://www.aaronleupp.com/metavs-dcl/