Artificial Intelligent Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The Ai and Human Post-Butlerian Jihad Alliance for peace, prosperity and liberty for all, by supplying globale demands of the people via Capitalistic Voting in an Artificial Intelligent Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Pre-Sale $0.0000144 per Ai DAO coin! Max 2,420,000,000 pre-sale coins!

Example $100 + $10 ETH gas fee = 7,142,857 AiDAO coins

Must include additional $10 for ETH gas fee for any purchase amount funds being used for liquidity

To buy send ETH or USDC to this wallet: 0xb9F24Bc1eC98c24D2a60997D652bC1A30E89fe05

or can buy via Paypal or Venmo etc here:b

  • Ai DAO Token holders get paid out their share of quarterly profits via there choice of (Bitcoin, ETH, USDC, SIMP, or VP tokens)
  • Monthly subscribers get access to all content, data, software, ai data banks, servers, or flat rate products etc funded by Ai DAO grants. They also receive monthly Voting Power Tokens aka (VP) to the net value of their subscription or flat rate payment that goes towards the DAO treasury for grants.
  • Individuals, Teams, Builders, Producers, Creators and Contractors etc can pitch there ideas to the VP token holders for a week campaign and if they get enough VP tokens votes in to equal there mile stone of budget they need to complete there creation it will get escrowed in as (USDC or SIMP) and released to them when they complete there mission. In return the monthly subscribers will get full access to the completed content or access to buy the product or get discount on product or whatever is agreed upon in the pitch etc.
  • Grants Treasury and Foundation Team will be funded via monthly subscription fees, as well as 3% royaltie fees charge on all transactions of AiDAO token and SIMP token.


Aaron Leupp Post DAO Experince and Passed DAO Proposals:

Decentraland DAO and ApeCoin DAO

Legal: This is not an IPO or ICO those are illegal in United States. The cryptocurrency space is extreme high risk and all purchases, tokens, coins, NFTs, cryptocurrency coins can go to $0.00 value at anytime. All above are not promises just in the concept phase and ideas, open to all feedback, pivots and alternative ideas. AiDAO tokens have no real value, Bitcoin has no real value, Etherium has no real value, USD has no real value, nothing has any value. Everything is just Chucky Cheese Tokens for adults and the world is a poorly maintained arcade that rarely dispense tickets if ever and still will never ever have enough to buy a bouncy plastic frog even if you saved up your entire life so don’t bother even trying. Burn everything you have. This is not legal advice.