Make All the Top Charted NFT collections 3D linked wearables skins and helmets in Decentraland.

  1. Have AaronLeupp.eth and his team create a full body and helmet 3D molds of all the top charted 12 NFT collections that can be linked to each holders NFT so they can use in Decentraland. The top 12 collections are CryptoPunks, BAYC, MAYC, Azuki, Clone X, Moonbirds, Doodles, Meebits, Coolcast, BAKC, World of Women, VeeFriends.
  2. Make Waifumon Gen-2 a linked wearable collection linked to the NFTs in Decentraland as the following fairy pets. (no charge to Decentraland DAO).
  3. Make ACAC and ACPC a linked wearable collection linked to the NFTs in Decentraland (no charge to Decentraland DAO).
  4. Also approve the 3 Dino wearables (lava shoes, golden shoes, and 404 pants).


Not only will this bring massive utility to Decentraland and helping make history by proving the proof of concept of NFTs being linkable across multi metaverses, games and social media it will also be a personal invitation to all those holders to check out what our community offers in terms of events, land, mana and wearables utility made by other creators they can explore with their NFT and makes a permanent home for them to join our community. This will also set the correct course example on the destiny of what NFTs could have meant to go towards all along. Almost all of us know by now that one of the founders of Ethereum got motivated by the creation of it based on his negative experience in the unapproved modification of a World of Warcraft in game item can be seen here:

Why are we the team to do it?

Aside from all our demos you can see we did to showcase how all these top collections can be showcased as a linked skin and helmet and working with the top Decentraland creators and approval comity also our teams, previous experience with our Disney Quality 3D Princess Feature film we have learned a lot. Not only about all the different creation process’s and programs like blender and Unreal engine we have also took on and achieved the advance hair and fur movement features that most 3D models do not have because they are very advance and time consuming to create. We also innovated the space by utilizing techniques Disney has not even used before in any of their 3D Princess movies such as tears, dirt and mud reacting and rubbing off on the skin when they get up. We also created proprietary algorithms we were using to make for background characters for our movie we now can also use here to help with faster rendering speeds of all the molds.  All this can be viewed in our latest teaser trailer video here:


As stated before this is not just a process of making 1 3D mold for each collection. It will have to be a process of making each one for each NFT to be modified to fit all Decentralands guidelines

Here are also some examples of Decentraland Wearables we have made in the past:

And Here is. more 3D project examples we working on:

As well as several Decentraland Events and builds we put on:

Weekly Waifumon Metaverse Race Courses in Decentraland!

Timeline | Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates

Our timeline would be 12 step for entire process however it is very possible we can deliver a lot sooner.

-Step 1 would be 3D demos of each of the collections and community to choose from for approval.

-Step 2-12 create the 3D molds of all NFTs in all collections so they can be linked in Decentraland as a skin or a helmet.


Overall Cost | The total cost to implement the proposal.

$19 in DAI coin per unique 3D mold per NFT for all of the top listed 12 NFT collections.

(ApeCoin DAO proposal for them to fund the 3D creation of BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, Meebits, and CryptoPunks) is in process if this passes those collections will also not need any funding from Decentraland DAO they will just be approved to be linked NFT collections.) This has been 5 months in the making so finally stoked to have this go live this month! Here is more info on this!

Why so cheap?

Yes, when you google “how much does 3D character cost” first result comes up with $4,000 to $6,000 per character and with the 140,000 NFT characters in total isn’t that $560,000,000+?! How can we do as low as estimated $19 per 3D mold? This is true however with our years of experience, 3D rendering algorithms and millions of dollars spent on our current 3D Feature Film as have learned a lot that we can pass onto this project which will cut costs dramatically while also bringing the highest quality.

Can I vote yes since I want yes but still demand an alternative budget then what you guys are asking?


Yes! Go ahead and vote yes and in the comments, write a budget or deal you prefer so we on our end can try our best to make it work. We are willing to work with pretty much any type of alternative structure of funding of a deal with cash flow of $1 to $100,000,000 even if it comes at a loss for us. Why would we do that? As stated several times we feel this will be the future of NFT utility and we want the opportunity to work with what I continue to see being one of the top leaders in the space as well as proof of concept to the world, and of course we want to be a part of that process since we forecast it will lead to us being the supplier to all other NFT collections as well and I obviously love Decentraland for anyone that knows or follows me. My main concerns are #1 highest quality delivery 3D molds to all NFT holders, #2 Making sure my team makes a wage for all the hard work and massive number of hours they will spend helping us achieve this delivery and #3 if there are any profits it will go to continue to fund our current venture of our 3D Princess Feature Film. If it ends up I don’t make anything on this to make it happen, all is good, I am pretty much use to it anyway since already invested almost all my personal funds I have made over the years anyway on our own 3D Princess Film project so defiantly use to it already lol. Call it cringe or woke I understand lol, as a massive fan of Decentraland and Mexican American growing up watching us continued to be the last ones not represented in this space tired of waiting around for Disney to do it so we decided to do it ourselves.


FREE Gift #1 If passes to everyone that votes YES will also get 1 Waifumon Gen-2 NFT with 1+ VP each also everyone that more than 10,000 VP will get 1 additional Waifumon Gen-2 NFT per 10,000+ VP they have when they vote yes. Example if they have 100,000 VP and vote yes and it passes they will get 10 Waifumon Gen-2 NFT’s.


There will only be 10,000 Waifumon Gen-2 in the collection they will be all unique and linked as a unique Decentraland Fairy Pet that follows you around in game. Here is a demo of what the NFT will look like and here is an example of what it will look like in game.


Demo not final:

Demo not final:


Movement tests:

FREE Gift #2 We will be creating a custom Waifumon promo NFT for everyone that VOTES YES (First 290) if passes as thanks, or anything they want. There will get a 1 of 1 shiny and also 6,000 non-shiny for them to give out to their friends or sell if they want. Waifumon collection currently 2nd largest in the world with over 105,000+ owners.


Shiny example:

Non shiny example:


Collection is 104,000+ owners:


I am still looking for a reason to say no to this but can’t find any reason why. Can I just say it’s because I just don’t like, and hate your face?

“Ok, ok all I can do is take that in, conceder it and I will just try to do my best version of whatever I think that will be.”

End of Pitch

Again, we are open to all debates, criticism, feedback, counters and thoughts since we would love to be a part of such a pioneering venture as this, and also would really love to continue to prove ourselves to you all in hopes we can also get the opportunity to expand our team and take on doing the same with all of the other top NFT collections as well. We also really hope this idea comes to life regardless if choosing us to execute it or not since sounds like a ton of fun. So, if so or not, regardless thanks again for this opportunity in pitching this idea to this Decentraland DAO!